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Join YouTube Feather Beta For Clean And a Faster YouTube

If you need a faster and a clean YouTube than you will be glad to know that YouTube has released a new design called " YouTube Feather " beta. This design removes some of the feature from YouTube, making it fast and robust. If your video keeps on buffering then this features will be quite helpful.

Changes In YouTube Feather :

  • The expandable share boxes are removed.
  • Less number of related videos on the right side of the page. The related videos that are shown are fixed to 5 in numbers.
  • The collapsible comments are also removed. Instead first few comments are now fixed. Also now you can not upvote and downvote them. Most of us don't really use this feature.
  • All the interactive elements like the pop-out menus and slide opening frames are also nowhere to be seen.

In all the YouTube Feather program makes YouTube less cluttered and fast, better for those who focus on watching videos without distractions. The program is free and you can opt-out any time. It's worth a shot.

Join Feather Beta

Author: Hemant Aggarwal

Hemant Aggarwal

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