Adsense Code Converter

Adsense ad-code is a JavaScript code and cannot be directly placed in XML files. There are many characters in the ad code that are required to be replaced with their respective HTML entities before they can be placed into the XML file. Some of them are the ” > < ' ” characters.

Adsense, Adbrite, Chitika and many other advertising programs use javascript ad codes and they need to be converted with the Adsense code converter tool.

What is Adsense Code Generator

It is a tool that converts your regular Adsense ad code into the code which is compatible with XML files. Blogger blogs uses XML files as their template and this tool makes the Adsense code ready to be used with Blogger.

How the Adsense Code Generator Works

Paste your Adsense code generated from your Adsense dashboard into the large box below. Then press the convert button below the box. The code will be converted as soon as you press the convert button. Click the “Highlight All” button to hishlight the converted code and copy it in your Blogger template. This code can be used at any place where the regular ad code doesn’t render the ads.


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