FD Calculator – Calculate Interest on your Fixed Deposits


What is FD Calculator?

The FD Calculator calculates the interest and the total amount you will get when your FD matures.

How to Use FD Calculator?

The FD Calculator is very simple to use. It needs 4 inputs, read about them below.

  • FD Amount: The amount you want to invest in the Fixed Deposit.
  • Compounding Frequency This is the time interval after which the accumulated interest (in previous interval) is added back to the Fixed Deposit. The less the frequency, the more is the interest you earn. In India, the compounding frequency for fixed deposits is Quarterly.
  • Rate of Interest: Rate of interest the bank is willing to pay on FDs.
  • FD Duration: The duration for which you are making the Fixed Deposit.

For Which Banks I Can Use this Calculator for

This is a universal calculator. It can be used for almost any bank in any part of the world. We have tested it against SBI Bank FD calculator, HDFC, ICICI, and many other Indian bank calculators.

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