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McAfee Internet Security 2013 Full Version Free Download For 180 Days

After Norton and Bitdefender we now have McAfee with a free full six months license key. McAfee is giving a 6 months free trial of its Internet Security 2013 software. You just need to verify your email to get the full version software. So pick your antivirus from Norton (90 Days), Bitdefender (90 Days) and McAfee (180 Days) and use it for free.

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Features Of McAfee Internet Security 2013 :

  1. Pre-Install Scan : This is a unique feature that scans your system in the background when the McAfee security software is being installed on your system.
  2. PC Tune-Up : It also includes a PC tuneup software known as McAfee QuickClean which allows you to clean junk files, unused applications and files cached by your browser.
  3. Anti-Spam : McAfee anti-spam protection filters scans your emails continuously and saves you from dangerous and malicious emails.
  4. Parental Controls : You can set filters based on the age of the user. This will then block the sites which are not appropriate for the age the user is.
  5. Surfing Report : A new feature in McAfee that allows you to see how many times a user from your computer tried to access a forbidden site, the times a user tried to login and the total time your system was online. This is important when you need to spy on someone who uses your computer.
  6. 1GB online backup space : McAfee Internet Security provides you with a free 1GB personal space in the cloud that stores your data in an encrypted form and the data can be retrieved whenever you need it. Store your most important data in the cloud for free.
  7. All other features : Anti-Virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware are basic features that McAfee suites come with. You can also scan USB devices as in all other antiviruses.

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How To Download McAfee Full Version 2013 For Free :

1. Visit McAfee's giveaway page and register for a new account. This offer is only for new customers so you must register a new account with a new email id.
2. Fill in your details and click on "Get My Trial".
3. Now just go ahead with the simple onscreen instructions and you will receive an email with an account activation link. Activate your account and you will be able to download the 6 months McAfee Internet Security trial for free.

NOTE You will get a file around 4-5 MB in size. This is an online installation file and your full software will be downloaded from the application itself. So you need to be connected to the internet even after the initial file download.

The application works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Link McAfee Internet Security 2013 Free Download


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    • Not tested yet on Windows 8, but it will work because Windows 8 supports almost every program that works in Windows 7, leaving some exceptions. And a big company like McAfee will not leave its renowned security application without Windows 8 support.

  1. Thanks buddy..My McAfee Subscription ended and when I was searching for a free version this webpage has helped me a lot.


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