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40+ Airtel Secret USSD Codes List


Airtel is the world's third largest telecommunication service provider and the topmost in India. It provides 2G, 3G and 4G services in 20 countries around the globe. From time to time Airtel comes up with many discounted packs for SMS messages, 3G services, 2G services, and many other offers. But must of them go unheard because there is no proper channel to know them.

So we are giving you more than 40 Airtel secret USSD codes that can be used to know about the various offers and packs that Airtel is providing. I have also added some codes that needs to be sent as a message to a particular number. The description of what the code does is given along with the code.

Airtel Secret USSD Codes List

Dial / SMS Code Description
Dial 121 Customer Care
Dial 123 Recharging your phone and for Special Five Service
Dial 198 Complaints ( Uniform for all Telecom services )
Dial 1909 Activate / Deactivate DND Service ( Do not disturb service)
Dial *121# My Airtel My Offer ( Best Offers Available For Your Number )
Dial *121*4# Value Added Services ( Jobs, Astrology, Hello Tunes, Airtel Talkies,
Dial *121*6# Manage Dish TV Account ( If registered with current mobile number )
Dial *121*7# Last 5 Transactions, Value Added Services
Dial *123# Balance and Validity Inquiry
Dial *123*1# Airtel to Airtel Mins Balance
Dial *123*2# Local SMS Balance Check
Dial *123*6# Local Airtel to Airtel Night Minutes Balance
Dial *123*7# Check Free Local, STD SMS Balance
Dial *123*8# Check Free STD Minutes Balance
Dial *123*10# Check Free 2G Data Balance
Dial *123*11# Check 3G Data Balance
Dial *141# Airtel Gifting Service ( Share Talktime, Ask for Talktime, Call me back )
Dial *222# Special 5 Offers ( All offers at Rs. 5 per day )
Dial *321# Airtel Live Services ( Music, Movies, Cricket, Astrology, News, etc. )
Dial *325# Free Facebook Access ( Rs. 1 per day )
Dial *515# Twitter Service
Dial *566# Mobile check-ins, Special Offers and Rewards
Dial *567# Activate / Deactivate GPRS Services
Dial *678# Hello Tunes Menu
Dial *888# Missed Call Alert Services
Dial *777# Local National SMS Packs
Dial *282# Get your own Airtel number on screen
Dial 543211 Hello Tunes Service ( Charges - Rs. 6 per minute )
Dial 543212 Airtel Live Services ( Charges - Rs. 6 per minute )
Dial 543213 Airtel Music Station ( Charges - Rs. 6 per minute )
Dial 543214 Background Music During Call ( Charges - Rs. 6 per minute )
Dial 543215 Song Catcher ( Charges - Rs. 6 per minute )
Dial 543216 Chat With Friends ( Charges - Rs. 6 per minute )
Dial 543217 Contests ( Charges - Rs. 6 per minute )
SMS - 121 START Start any service.
SMS - 121 STOP Stop any service.
SMS - 121 3G To activate 3G Data service if not activaed
SMS - 1909 START DND Start Do Not Disturb Service
SMS - 1909 STOP DND Stop Do Not Disturb Service
SMS - 52567 LIVE Get Airtel LIVE configuration settings.


Most of the codes work in all of the states across India. All the codes are tested on Airtel network in Delhi-NCR region at the time of writing the post. They may have stopped working now. Do comment with any other Airtel USSD shortcode that I missed.


Author: Hemant Aggarwal

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    • Don’t know about other areas, but it works great in Dwarka and adjoining areas. I live in Dwarka :)

    • There are many websites that have hundreds of thousands of tutorials on using and developing with WordPress. Google is by-far the best place to start learning.

    • Call details are not available online. Not sure, but Airtel will reveal it only to the customer or to the police if it is required in some police case.


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