Solved Change the Forums slug in xenForo


Staff member
Every link pointing to a forum in xenForo has a "forums" text in the URL.

Similarly, every thread has a "threads" string.
This is the standard way of xenForo to uniquely identify a node. In case you want to change it, you can easily do that using Route Filters.

Changing the Forums Slug

  1. Open xenForo admin panel.
  2. Navigate to Home -> Route Filters.
  3. On the Route Filter creation page, fill the "Find Route:" input box with "forum/", and the "Replace With:" input box with the new string that you want to be displayed in the place of "forum/".
  4. Finally, press the Save Route Filter button.
  5. Similarly, you can change the threads string also.
In case you are wondering to remove the "forums" string completely, you can't do that.