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Most apps automatically start at Windows boot (when you turn the computer on), but some apps don't. There might be some programs which you use every day, and you want them to start with Windows, when you turn on your computer. To make sure every program you need starts with your computer, we have a simple method explained below.

Start Programs on Boot in Windows 10

Windows has a Startup folder, which contains shortcuts to programs and folders. We need to place our program shortcut in this location.

1. Finding The Startup Folder

First, we need to find the startup folder containing all the startup items. This folder is at the location %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup. But we don't have to go searching for this location. Just open the Run command window (by pressing the Windows key and R key together), and type "shell:startup" and hit Enter.
Now, a File Explorer window will open inside the Startup folder. It will show you the items that currently start when you start your computer. You can even delete items from here to prevent them from starting at Windows boot.


2. Create Shortcut

Now we know our Startup folder location. It's time to make some shortcuts. A shortcut basically has an arrow over its icon. Most of the program icons on the desktop are shortcuts. You can verify if an icon is a shortcut by right-clicking on it and checking if you see the option "Open file location". If you see it, you are looking at a shortcut, else it's not a shortcut.

If you have a shortcut, you are good to go. Proceed to the next step. If you don't have a shortcut, right click on the icon, and select Create shortcut.


You may get a warning telling you that the shortcut cannot be created at this location, and it can be created on the Desktop. Click Yes, and you will find the shortcut on the Desktop.

Now, we have our shortcut with us. The last step is to place it in the Startup folder.

3. Copy Shortcut to the Startup Folder

Now we have our shortcut ready. Just copy it to the Startup folder we opened earlier, and restart your computer.

Opening Folders at Startup

Using the above tutorial, you can run any program with Windows. What if you want to open some specific folders when Windows start? We have got you covered.

The complete process is exactly same as the process of starting apps with Windows. The only difference is in the process of creating the shortcut.

To create a shortcut for a folder, first, select the folder, right-click on it and select Copy. Now open the startup folder by following the method above, right-click on empty area and click Paste shortcut. That's it. This folder will open every time you start Windows.
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