Nowadays torrents are widespread for safe and robust public file sharing. Everyone use torrents to share data to a large audience. But as we know downloading of torrents requires a torrent client to be installed on the destination machine or the machine that needs to download the content of the torrent. But at many places like schools, colleges, access to the internet by these torrent applications is disabled. So in those situations you can easily convert a torrent to a direct link and download it anywhere. These direct links also support download managers like IDM, FlashGet, etc.

How To Convert A Torrent File To Direct Link

  1. Download any torrent from any popular site like or or anyone of your favourite torrent sharing website. You can also copy the URL of the torrent file in case you know how to do it. Normal users must adhere with downloading of torrent file.

  2. Go to You will see a screen like below. If you copied the URL then paste it in the box and click the “GO!” button. Else click the  “Upload .torrent file” button, browse the torrent file you downloaded and click the “GO!” button.
  3. download torrent with idm

  4. On the next screen you will be asked for the “Free” or the “Premium” option. As the name suggests premium is a paid feature with some added advantages. Choose free if you want to proceed without purchasing the premium package.
  5. zbigz free premium

  6. Now your torrent will be cached. It will take just a few seconds because zbigz caches the torrents at a much faster speed.
  7. torrent to direct link caching

  8. After your torrent is completely cached it will be available to you in a zip format. Click the .zip button. If you are a free user you may again be asked to choose from the “free” or the “premium” service. Just click the “free” button and your download will be started. If you have IDM installed as the default download manager then the file will be automatically added to the IDM Downloads queue.
  9. torrents to direct link zbigz

Difference Between Free And Premium Service

There is not a huge difference between the free and the premium service for a normal user. You get a benefit of speed with premium option if your connection’s bandwidth is more than 1.2 Mbps. Maximum size of the torrent can exceed 8 GB of size, which is not required in most of the cases. Your file will be available for 7 days in your account (free), we do not need it for more than that. You will obviously make a file only when you are going to download it. You can download 2 files simultaneously using zbigz. Here you can consider for a paid membership if you need to download a lot of torrents and that too simultaneously. Ads do not make a difference, so you can continue being a free user.

zbigz free premium model

Converting torrents to direct links has many advantages. You can use any download manager of your choice, my favourite one is Internet Download Manager. You do not need to seed anything, that means it saves your bandwidth. The best part is that you get the maximum speed whatsoever, that means the website caches all the files in one go, it doesn’t really matter if there are no seeders when you download. Many of the files get stuck at the end because seeders stop seeding that file. This can never happen with the direct links. So visit and convert all the torrent files you want to download to direct links.

Link :


  1. sayed taqui:
    April 1, 2014

    Any trick for downloading torrents with 0 seeders?

    • Hemant Aggarwal:
      April 4, 2014

      You can try to download torrents with IDM. There is no way a file can be downloaded without any seeder. But if you use Zbigz, and even a single seeder exists, your file will be downloaded with high speed and there are better chances that the download will complete.

  2. max:
    October 1, 2013

    use can download only for size file < 1 gb

  3. jaffa:
    April 24, 2013 is not working i mean it is caching and download icon appears and after that it’s not downloading.what do i do?

    • Hemant Aggarwal:
      April 25, 2013

      Try it with some different browser, I tried it with Google Chrome just now and it’s working fine.

  4. Parth Pathak:
    January 22, 2013

    any other site then zbigz ????

    • Hemant Aggarwal:
      April 22, 2013

      I didn’t find any. Any problem with zbigz ?

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