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Facebook “Posted VIA” Status Updater Trick

Many of you would have seen some people's status update like "posted via Blackberry" , "Posted via iPhone 4S" and many others. Today we are giving you a trick through which you would be able to post via a number of such devices or places. PostedVIA is a service that allows you to do this very easily. You just need to follow some steps given below to implement this.

 Steps To Implement The " Posted VIA " Trick 

1. Open PostedVIA. You will see a screen like below. Click on "Click here to select a delivery method".
2. Now select any delivery method which you want to show on your Facebook wall. The list is really big and you have many options to choose from.
3. Now click on "Update Your Status". A new windows will open. If you are already logged into Facebook, then you will be asked to input the status and if not then you will be asked to log into Facebook.
4. After successful login , input the status and click on share.
5. See the screenshot below that perfectly describes how your status will look like.

Author: Hemant Aggarwal

Hemant Aggarwal

WordPress Developer - Tech Blogger


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