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Get up to 70 GB of Extra Dropbox Space For Free

As we have seen Dropbox is a free service that gives you 2 GB of free cloud storage space to store your important data online. Dropbox can also sync all your data across all your devices, be it a PC, Laptop, Tablet or a Smartphone. You can even choose the files/folders to sync to any particular device. Dropbox also allows you to share files and folders with friends. But 2 GB seems to exhaust very fast once you start adding files to your Dropbox account. There are many paid plans for Dropbox you can sign up for, that will provide you with increased storage space. But in this article, we will go through all the different ways you can increase your Dropbox storage space for free.

How To Get Extra Dropbox Space For Free

Below are 8 simple steps which will get you up to 70 GBs of extra Dropbox space for free.

1. By Referring Others

The more people you bring to Dropbox, the more free space you get. For every single person who joins and installs the Dropbox application with your referral link, you will both be given 500 MB for free. You will get this free space until you have 16 GB of free space from referrals. This means you will have a total of 18 GB (16 GB from referrals + 2 GB initial free storage) cloud storage for whole life at absolutely no cost.

TIP You can create as many accounts as you want with any email service. Now make Dropbox accounts with these IDs using the referral link from your primary ID (in which you want the free space to be added).

Link : Refer your friends

2. Dropbox Space Race

Dropbox is giving away extra free space to students by making their classmates use Dropbox. The free space is directly proportional to the number of students of your school using Dropbox. Not only you, but all the students in your school gets the extra free space. You will get 3 GB initially plus the space your School earns. The free space will be with you for the next two years. Dropbox requires a certain number of people from your school to allot you the free space. So run the race and invite as many people as you can from your school. Link : Run the space race

3. Connecting Social Media accounts

Dropbox provides 500 MB of free space just for connecting your social media accounts. If you have an account on Facebook and Twitter, then you just need to authenticate them with Dropbox and you will instantly receive 125 MB for each connected account. Not just this, you are awarded 125 MB just for following Dropbox on Twitter, and telling them why you love Dropbox earns you additional 125 MB. In total you can have another 500 MB for free. Link : Connect Social Media Accounts

 4. Get Started Guide :

Dropbox gives you a set of 7 easy steps which when completed gives you 250MB of space. The steps are quite simple and easy, some of which are taking the Dropbox tour, installing Dropbox on any of your device, installing Dropbox on your mobile device and many others. You would have completed most of the steps already and completing others won't take enough time. Link : Get Started With Dropbox

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5. Camera Upload Feature

Dropbox gives 3 GB of free storage for uploading your camera photos directly from your camera, tablets or your mobile devices to Dropbox. Once you upload your first photo you straight away get 500MB of free space, and the leftover is earned gradually when you consume more and more space using the camera upload feature. The Android and the iOS app and the desktop and the Mac applications of Dropbox comes inbuilt with the Camera Upload feature. Link : How to set up camera upload

6. Using Dropbox App On Mobile Devices

Most of the big mobile making companies like HTC, Samsung, and many others are giving a lot of free space if you install Dropbox on your mobile or tablet. I got 50 GB of free space when I used my email with the Dropbox app on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Each of which gave me a 50 GB of free space for the next two years. One of my friend got 25 GB of space using his HTC phone with Dropbox. ALSO SEE : Download Windows 8 For a 90 Days Trial For Free

7. Watch for Dropbox Events

Dropbox comes up with some nice ways to earn extra free space every now and then. Last time they had a Dropquest called "magical scavenger hunt". See this for the results. You can participate in these quests and earn free space for yourself. All you need to do is play some games and do some treasure hunting. That's all and you become a contender to win up to 100 GB of free space. Link : 2012's Quest Results

8. Leave Shared Folders

If you ever joined a shared folder and you used it to share or receive files, but you don't use it now, then you must leave it. These shared folders might be eating much of your Dropbox's storage space.

9. Use Mailbox App By Dropbox

If you have an iOS or Android device then you are at luck. You can get additional 1 GB of free space if you install and connect your Mailbox app with Dropbox. LINK: Mailbox
Using all the tips and tricks above, I have 61.38 GB of free storage space in my Dropbox account. Dropbox is an ultimate solution for all your cloud storage needs and as we have seen, having a lot of free space in your Dropbox account is not a very difficult task to accomplish. So start stealing free space from Dropbox :)

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  1. The MAX total FREE space for life is about 22gb.. also owning your own domain name with a catch all setup is the best way to setup multiple accounts..


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