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Download Panda Internet Security 2014 for 90 Days for Free

Panda Security recently updated their Panda Internet Security suite and released the Panda Internet Security 2014 with greater virus control and metro look as that of Windows 8. Panda's Cloud Technology is a revolutionary innovation for antivirus programs. Because of this technology, your computer is always protected from online viruses. This is because the virus database of Panda Internet Security 2014 lives on the cloud and not on your machine.


Some Core Features of Panda Internet Security 2014

  1. Operates on Panda Cloud Technology
  2. Protects USB drives and flash cards
  3. It has its own firewall, which protects you from any hacker, both on the wired and wireless networks.
  4. Includes new web filter, to give you more protection while browsing the web.
  5. It has a multimedia/gaming mode, which limits Panda's resource consumption and provides you with higher system performance.
  6. Panda Internet security includes the Anti-Spam feature, which keeps spam emails out of your inbox.
  7. Provides internet protection which blocks applications and websites from getting the crucial information like your credit card numbers, and your personal information.
  8. It has a simple, nice looking interface, somewhat similar to the metro looks of windows 8 tiles.
  9. Panda Internet Security 2014 comes with Parental Controls. This allows you to blacklist and whitelist certain websites which should or should not be seen by children.
  10. You can save your backups online and restore/access them from anywhere using your Panda account.
  11. NOTE You need to buy additional subscription to take and store backups in the cloud.

In all, Panda Internet Security is a complete security suite for the protection of your system and from online threats.


Download Panda Internet Security 2014 for 90 Days

Since the product is new, you can grab a 90 days free trial of the product from their official Facebook app. Go to this link and click the "like" button to like the Panda Security page. Once you like the page, the image will automatically change, clicking on the image will download an online installer that will give you 90 days of free Panda Internet Security 2014 program upon install.

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